founding editor

senior editors

copy editor

contributing artists
Monica Bodirsky (vol. 1, issue 1)
Melody Krauze (vol. 2, issue 2)
Lola Landekic (vol. 3, issue 1; vol. 5, issue 2)
Emily May Rose (vol. 3, issue 2)
Jocelyn Reynolds (vol. 2, issue 1)
Soraya Gilanni Viljoen (vol. 3, issue 3; vol. 4, issue 1)
Maria Qamar (vol. 4, issue 2)
Angela Lewis (vol. 4, issue 3)
Winnie Truong (vol. 5, issue 1)

grant officer
Calina Ellwand

Cathleen Evans

social media manager
Chelsea Phillips-Carr

web design
Magpie Design Co

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