Masturbation: it’s free!: Willow Maclay on Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore

On March 3rd, cléo will be co-presenting Sarah Jacobson’s film Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore at Toronto’s What the Film Festival (click here for event details). In anticipation, Willow Maclay—who wrote about Jacobson’s 16mm debut I Was a Teenage Serial Killer for our SHORTS issue—has penned an ode to Mary Jane and orgasmic self-realization. […]

My Secret: I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

In Bikini Kill’s 1992 punk anthem “White Boy”, lead singer Kathleen Hanna screams during the chorus: “White boy. Don’t laugh. Don’t cry. Just die.” The song is a release of the pent-up female wrath that stems from dealing with day-to-day sexism, both casual and severe. Hanna was not calling for the death of all men […]

“Merry Fucking Christmas”: The Gift of Collaboration in Tangerine

With a devilish grin and a wry look in her eyes, Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) strides out of a banana-coloured diner with one goal in mind: revenge. Sin-Dee has just been released from prison and, after catching-up with her best pal Alexandra (Mya Taylor), learns that her boyfriend, Chester (James Ransone), has cheated on her […]

“How Can It Be? She’s a boy.” Transmisogyny in Sleepaway Camp

She’s a boy. My body trembles and shakes at the rupturing of self and the dissolution of my identity. Three words make me inhuman. Three words make me a monster. Three words make me something to be feared. She’s a boy. My skin is soft, running up my body, and shimmers in the sun. My […]