vol. 5, issue 2: shorts

Summer 2019
vol 5 issue 2 shorts

“If you think of something, do it.” Lydia Davis, the sovereign of all things brief, has a good point. At cléo we thought of something, which turned into: the SHORTS issue! We were to curious to explore this theme because short films never seem to get enough love–despite the fact that the form is a fertile ground for new discoveries when it comes to emerging voices. Plus, for the cinematic completists out there, short films can also shed light on the key inspirations and ideas of a favourite director.

Cover Art: The cover illustration is a spoof of a character from Robert Crumb’s 1968 one-page comic Keep On Truckin’ which features merry bands of men confidently striding across vast spaces and cityscapes. For cléo‘s shorts issue, the figure takes on a femme film form, strutting confidently in hope and strength and cut-offs. Friends, keep on keeping on. 

Lola Landekic is the Managing Editor of Art of the Title. She is also a graphic designer, illustrator, and editor based in Toronto, Canada.

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