frankie de la cretaz

Frankie de la Cretaz is a freelance writer, recovered alcoholic, feminist parent, and baseball enthusiast living in Boston. Frankie’s book Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League is available now. Follow them on Twitter at @thefrankiedlc. Frankie participated in the cléo roundtable on sports movies.

stacey may fowles

Stacey May Fowles is an award-winning novelist and journalist, and co-editor of the forthcoming Best Canadian Sports Writing (ECW Press.) Her essay collection, Baseball Life Advice, will be released with McClelland & Stewart in spring 2017. Stacey participated in the cléo roundtable on sports movies.

karen k. ho

Karen K. Ho is a writer and business reporter currently studying at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism on the Lorana Sullivan Scholarship. Her favourite sports are snowboarding, surfing and rock climbing. Karen participated in the cléo roundtable on sports movies.

jess beaulieu

cléo writer

Jess Beaulieu is a comedian, writer and actor who hosts the weekly feminist podcast The Crimson Wave. Jess participated in the cléo roundtable on queering comedy.

brittani nichols

Brittani Nichols (Transparent, Words With Girls) is a Los Angeles-based comedian that co-hosts Hamilton the Podcast and Brand New Podcast. She wrote/produced/stars in Suicide Kale, a lesbian dark comedy that’s currently playing film festivals. Brittani participated in the cléo roundtable on queering comedy.

chantal braganza

Chantal Braganza is a writer and editor living in Toronto. Chantal participated in the cléo roundtable on revenge movies.

sarah nicole prickett

Sarah Nicole Prickett is writer in New York and the founding editor of Adult. Sarah Nicole participated in the cléo roundtable on dance movies.

fatima bg

cléo writer

Fatima BG is a writer, community organizer, and co-host of the Black Girls Talking podcast. Fatima participated in the cléo roundtable on sex at summer camp.

katie nolan

Katie Nolan is a Toronto-based producer, writer, and actor. She is the creator behind the web series Hot Mom (FunnyOrDie) and is currently developing two new projects with Muse Entertainment (Montreal), Vanessa Matsui (Crankytown) and New Metric Media. Katie is a co-founder of Babe Nation, a collaborative collective for female voices and work. Katie participated in […]

jazmine hughes

Jazmine Hughes is the associate digital editor of the New York Times magazine. She’s pretty chill. Jazmine participated in the cléo roundtable on webseries.

monica heisey

cléo writer

Monica Heisey is a writer and comedian from Toronto. Her first book, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, is out in April. Monica participated in the cléo roundtable on webseries.

durga chew-bose

Durga Chew-Bose writes about film and other things. Her work can be found at The Hairpin, Adult, Hazlitt, The New Inquiry. Her first book is Too Much and Not the Mood (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). Durga participated in the cléo roundtable on teen party movies.

tina hassannia

Tina Hassannia is a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. She writes for Slant Magazine, Maisonneuve, Fandor and Grolsch Film Works.

adam cook

Adam Cook is a programmer and editor for MUBI and contributes film criticism to various publications including Cinema Scope, Film Comment, Cineaste, and Filmmaker Magazine. He is a member of the Vancouver International Film Festival’s screening committee.

andrew gilbert

cléo writer

Andrew Gilbert is a PhD candidate in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department at the University of Kansas. He has also written for the online journal Screen Machine and blogs occasionally at

tara judah

Tara Judah is a freelance film critic based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an English language editor for FIPRESCI, a committee member of the Melbourne Cinémathèque, and a member of the Women Film Critics Circle.

stephanie latella

Stephanie Latella is a doctoral candidate in Social and Political Thought at York University. Her current work considers the sexual politics of nation-making in discourses of secularism in Québec.

brent bellamy

Brent Bellamy is a PhD Candidate in English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta. His dissertation is titled Residues of Now: The Culture and Politics of Contemporary U.S. Post-Apocalyptic Fiction. He co-authored an essay with Imre Szeman on Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us (2007) which will be published in Green Planets: Ecology […]

calina ellwand

Calina Ellwand holds a master’s degree from York University, where she focused on gender and activism. She now works for a national non-profit in anti-racism and diversity education. She has previously written for cléo on the politics of representing sex workers in documentary film.

ela bittencourt

Ela Bittencourt’s writing on film and art has been published in Cineaste, Frieze Magazine, Artforum, Senses of Cinema, and The Brooklyn Rail, among other publications. She is also a frequent contributor to Slant Magazine, Reverse Shot, and The L Magazine.

hayley crooks

cléo writer

Hayley Crooks is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on gender and technologies, specifically the relationship between aggression and the social categories of “woman” and “girl” in cinema, digital technologies, and games.

gina telaroli

Gina Telaroli is a Cleveland, Ohio-raised and currently NYC-based filmmaker, visual essayist, critic, teacher, and manager of Martin Scorsese’s video archive. She is the director of Traveling Light (2011), which was named one of the best undistributed films of 2012 by Film Comment. Her next feature, Here’s To the Future! (2014), is currently in post-production.

zorianna zurba

Zorianna Zurba is currently completing her PhD in the Communication and Culture Program jointly held between Ryerson and York Universities.

angelo muredda

Angelo Muredda is a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Toronto. His work has appeared in Cinema Scope, Torontoist, Film Freak Central, and the Toronto Review of Books.

julia cooper

Julia Cooper is a writer and the former managing editor of cléo. Julia participated in the cléo roundtable on dance movies.

fariha roísín

Fariha Roísín is a Pulitzer Prize–winning writer. Fariha participated in the cléo roundtable on Obvious Child.

zeba blay

Zeba Blay is a Ghanaian film and television critic based in New York City. She co-hosts the feminist pop culture podcast Two Brown Girls. Her favorite Spice Girl at the moment is Ginger. Zeba participated in cléo roundtables on Obvious Child and dance movies.

zoe daniels

Zoe Daniels is a writer, comedian, and web developer living in Toronto. She tells people she’s more Marceline but really she’s more Princess Bubblegum.

kelli korducki

Kelli Korducki has written about culture and communities for publications including The Walrus, Rookie, The Hairpin, NPR’s Code Switch, The New Inquiry, and more. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Torontoist and the managing editor of Yonge Street, in Toronto.

jemma desai

Jemma Desai is a film curator and writer based in London. She is also the founder of I Am Dora, a curatorial initiative that explores how women relate to one another through the medium of film.

adam nayman

Adam Nayman writes about film regularly for The Globe and Mail, Sight and Sound, Little White Lies and Reverse Shot, and has been published in The Walrus, The Village Voice, Elle Canada, Film Comment and Cineaste. He is a contributing editor for Cinema Scope and POV.

esther r. berry

Esther R. Berry is Visiting Scholar at Ryerson University’s Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre. She completed her PhD in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia, with a view to examining the visual and material cultures of the body trade’s lesser-studied tissue circuits.

jutta sarhimaa

Jutta Sarhimaa holds a master’s degree from University of Helsinki, where she focused on political philosophy. She is a film critic for Helsingin Sanomat, Scandinavia’s largest newspaper.

james hansen

cléo writer

James Hansen is a PhD Candidate in the History of Art Department at Ohio State University.

lindsay jensen

Lindsay Jensen is a Toronto-based researcher and writer who focuses on food and film. She has previously written on Kathryn Bigelow‘s Zero Dark Thirty and Joseph Kosinski ‘ s Oblivion for cléo.

eleni deacon

Eleni Deacon is a contributing editor for cléo.

tim hayes

cléo writer

Tim Hayes is a UK-based freelance writer about film and technology. A contributor to Sight & Sound, Little White Lies, and SoFilm, his festival reports have included dispatches from Cannes, Edinburgh, and New York.

anne t. donahue

Anne T. Donahue is a writer and/or person from Cambridge, Ontario whose work has shown up in sites and magazines like The Guardian, Refinery 29,, HelloGiggles, and NME. She’s also the music editor at Rookie, and co-hosts the Pilots Podcasts because her affair with television is very real. Anne participated in the cléo roundtable […]

nathalie atkinson

Nathalie Atkinson is a film critic and culture columnist at The Globe and Mail.

davina quinlivan

Davina Quinlivan is a Senior Lecturer in Performance and Screen Studies at Kingston University. Her second monograph, ‘Filming the Body in Crisis’, is forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan.

simran hans

Simran Hans lives in London and writes about film for the BFI, Little White Lies and Sight & Sound. Find out more about her work at

abbey bender

Abbey Bender has written for the Village Voice, Little White Lies, and Film Comment. She lives in New York City and you can find more of her work at

anupa mistry

Anupa Mistry lives in Toronto and writes about arts, culture and communities. Her work has been published in many major Canadian and international publications such as The Globe & Mail, FLARE, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Hairpin, Hazlitt, and more. She is a graduate of Humber College’s post-graduate journalism diploma program and received […]

lydia ogwang

Lydia Ogwang is a writer and publishing associate at Little Brother Magazine. She lives in Toronto. Former senior editor of cléo.

corinn columpar

Corinn Columpar is Director of the Cinema Studies Institute and associate professor of cinema studies at University of Toronto. She is author of Unsettling Sights: The Fourth World on Film and co-editor, with Sophie Mayer, of There She Goes: Feminist Filmmaking and Beyond. She has also published essays on counter-cinematic practices in numerous scholarly journals […]

maria isabel martinez

cléo writer

Maria Isabel Martinez is a writer living in Toronto. She’s completing her B.A. in English literature and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. Her work has also appeared in VICE.

sarah gadon

Sarah Gadon is a Canadian actress and director. She studied Film Theory and Criticism at the University of Toronto.

justine smith

Justine Smith is a freelance film critic who is a regular contributor to sites like Little White Lies, Roger Ebert, The National Post and Cléo: A Feminist Film Journal. She is based in Montreal, QC where she is a member of the AQCC (Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma). In 2015, she was selected to […]

so mayer

So Mayer is a full-time feminist film activist, working with queer feminist curators Club des Femmes and industry campaigners Raising Films. She is the author of Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema, a cutting-edge look at global feminist filmmaking in the new millennium.

samuel la france

cléo writer

Samuel La France is a film programmer and writer based in Toronto. He has organized programs for TIFF, Pleasure Dome, Collectif Jeune Cinéma and Museum London, and is a regular contributor to Cinema Scope magazine.