Editor’s Note: Sick

From the very beginning, we at cléo have tried our best to be as transparent as possible about the financial realities of running an independent publication. We started with nothing but a scrappy attitude and a desire to change our industry for the better. In our first year, we were unable to pay writers (or […]

The Chaos of the Void in Zia Anger’s I Remember Nothing

Still from I Remember Nothing: the first Joan (played by Audrey Turner) sits in a classroom looking disengaged, wearing her trademark red baseball cap.

My first epileptic seizure happened on a Saturday morning when I was nine years old. I remember the sudden, painful oppressiveness of light and sound and a sharp headache that had me looking towards the ground and wanting to bury my head under a pillow or blanket. Feeling lethargic after breakfast, I went back to […]