Editor’s Note: Firsts

First off: a note of thanks. Thanks to the incredible women who give so much to this journal: Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite, Mallory Andrews, Lydia Ogwang, Kathleen Kampeas-Rittenhouse. Thanks to Jovana Jankovic who copy edits our issues, Cathleen Evans who curates our newsletter, and Calina Ellwand and Bianca Huang for their fundraising work. Thanks to our contributors […]

Single Take/Infinite Views: La Casa Muda

Gustavo Hernández’s low-budget Uruguayan horror film La Casa Muda (2011) stands out for two novelties: it’s based on real life grisly events and was made to appear as if it was shot in one continuous take. While the first has a salacious appeal, it’s the latter formal element that becomes suggestive of something far more […]