The Chaos of the Void in Zia Anger’s I Remember Nothing

Still from I Remember Nothing: the first Joan (played by Audrey Turner) sits in a classroom looking disengaged, wearing her trademark red baseball cap.

My first epileptic seizure happened on a Saturday morning when I was nine years old. I remember the sudden, painful oppressiveness of light and sound and a sharp headache that had me looking towards the ground and wanting to bury my head under a pillow or blanket. Feeling lethargic after breakfast, I went back to […]

An Interview with TIFF Programmer Danis Goulet

For the ardent cinephile or first-time audience member, a well-curated shorts programme is a sight to behold. Here you will find filmmakers from every corner of the world in conversation. To really lean into the metaphor: if variety is the spice of life, then a festival’s shorts section is the whole buffet, and then some. With TIFF […]

Dance and Child’s Play in Wasp and Small Deaths

Almost halfway through her short film Wasp (2003), Andrea Arnold decides to take a break from the onward flow of the narrative and send her main characters into a kind of recess. Zoe (Natalie Press) comes out of the pub where she is flirting with a man called David to meet her kids in a […]