The Bourgeois Out for Blood: Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger

“For me there are two things: action and reflection. And I find that I’m more into action.” – Catherine Deneuve Female vampire mythology has long traded on erotics and unquenchable sexuality. From Theda Bara’s kohl-eyed, fangless silent movie-era “vamps,” to the bayou night-dwellers of True Blood, these creatures embody a lethal exceptionalism. Freed from the […]

“Later On Down the Road”: The Anachronistic Geography of Thelma & Louise

Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise is often read as a feminist version of the road movie: a gender-swapped response to that ever-beloved genre in which man finds himself on the open road. Yet the film is more than the story of two women adopting masculine roles: Thelma (Geena Davis), Louise (Susan Sarandon), and their 1966 […]