2018: A Year in CanCon

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Image credit: levelFILM

We’re back with our second annual holiday haiku roundup. This time, in anticipation of our upcoming issue on the topic of CANCON, we’re focusing on our favourite Canadian films of the year — seventeen syllables at a time.

AVA (dir. Sadaf Foroughi)

Not to be tested
A teenager in Tehran
Defies her constraints

FAUSTO (dir. Andrea Bussmann)

You may be confused
The first time you watch Fausto
Fear not, try again

EDGE OF THE KNIFE (dir. Gwaai Edenshaw and Helen Haig-Brown)

Fraternal conflict
Haida legend now on film
The Wild Man lives on

Image credit: Isuma Distribution International

VESLEMØY’S SONG (dir. Sofia Bohdanowicz)

A violinist
Found in grandmother’s storage
Long live the archive

SNOWBIRDS (dir. Joannie Lafrenière)

Why freeze in Quebec?
Florida is always warm
Bring the tanning oil

ROADS IN FEBRUARY (dir. Katherine Jerkovic)

Magda and Sara
Under the same roof for now
Quiet in their loss

Image credit: Axia Films

WHAT WALAA WANTS (dir. Christy Garland)

A young woman joins
Palestinian forces
Still, she is growing

DZIADZIO (dir. Aaron Ries)

Suburban T.O.
The fantastical occurs
Within one’s own mind

MOUTHPIECE (dir. Patricia Rozema)

I dare you to find
A woman who has never
Fought with her mother

Image credit: Patricia Rozema

BLACK COP (dir. Cory Bowles)

Racially profiled
A young cop decides to say:
You know what, fuck you

FIRECRACKERS (dir. Jasmin Mozaffari)

Rural Canada
Friends, together, plot escape
What’s next is less clear




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