vol. 4, issue 3: firsts

Summer 2019
Cover image for vol 4 issue 3 firsts

To quote the inimitable Sheryl Crow, “The first cut is the deepest.” For vol. 4, issue 3 of cléo, we’re going to be looking at FIRSTS: groundbreaking women; first films or performances; the new and novel; or those initial, formative film­going experiences.

Cover Art: Angela Lewis
The woman in this photograph is a new mom. She is trying to find balance between family and work. I asked her to hold her son as I took their portrait, and naturally she hugged him close to protect him from the brisk winter wind. On this day, he held a leaf for the first time and watched it blow away with great joy—there’s a first for everything.

Angela Lewis is a photographer based in Toronto who focuses on documenting people in various environments, capturing intimate and true moments that feel natural to her subjects.

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