What’s Not to Touch: Jane Campion’s Intimacies

Bright Star

“Poetry should surprise by a fine excess…and appear almost a remembrance,” the English Romantic poet John Keats wrote to his publisher John Taylor in February 1818, three years before Keats’ death at 25 from tuberculosis, when he still believed he had not written a single immortal thing to make his friends proud. That fall, Keats […]

“Die to Yourself”: The 21st Century Feminist Crime Drama’s Dream of Justice

“Thirteen bodies, all female, 11 white, two Asian-looking, all between the ages of maybe 20, 30, all very dead.” “If they were alive, they’d be illegals and that would mean Immigration. But they’re dead, so they’re cargo.” This exchange between two cops on The Wire epitomizes a particular strain of sexism common to contemporary crime […]