An Interview with Filmmaker and Artist Nazlı Dinçel

When Michael Sicinski wrote about Turkish-American experimental filmmaker Nazlı Dinçel for our SHORTS issue, he described the discomfort that her films can elicit in audiences as imperative to the radical politics of her work: “they are strategic interventions of sorts, bringing sexual bodies into a space where they still have the power to be disruptive.” […]

Sewn to the Celluloid: The Films of Nazlı Dinçel

Solitary Acts #6 Nazlı Dinçel

The films of Turkish-American artist Nazlı Dinçel can provoke a high degree of discomfort for a viewer, but that is only the beginning. While there are several varieties of provocation within Dinçel’s arsenal, it’s the explicit sexuality that has already begun to make her work notorious, tearing at the straitjacket of decorum. But Dinçel provokes […]