vol. 5, issue 3: hot

Summer 2019

“Winter is coming.” Before it was a harbinger of dark times on HBO’s Game of Thrones, this expression had been a favourite of Northern hemisphere dwellers whenever the first crisp breeze of September rolled in. In anticipation of the colder months to come (and for our 15th issue!), we at cléo decided to end the year with a topic to keep us all feeling warm and toasty up here in our chilly Canadian headquarters: HOT.

Cover art by Amrit Brar, an illustrator, writer, and zine-creator that bounces between the cities of Brampton and Toronto, Ontario.

For what should be such a straightforward word, “hot” is dizzy with potential. Matchsticks burning their way down toward your fingers are hot. The sting of capsaicin when you bite into a chilli pepper is hot. The blood pounding in your veins runs hot. Tattoos are hot. What’s keeping you warm this winter? – Amrit Brar

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